Reading the Harvard Business review on your smartphone

HEC Paris library gives you access to the full text of all Harvard Business Review issues from the Ebsco Business Source Complete database (no access subscribed from the Harvard website).

You can easily set up a mobile quick access to the latest articles using the Ebsco host app. You will only need to authenticate using your HEC Paris email address and a nine months access will be instantly granted to you.

Watch this quick video to find your directions and get the Ebsco host authentication

After you have filled your HEC Paris email address, you have to:

– Download the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play

– Access the email Ebsco sent you on your smartphone and click on the “authentication link”. It will automatically open the app and give you access.

And you are done!

We advise you to save the Harvard Business Review search as follows:

1. Type JN “harvard business review” in the search field


2. It gives you access to the most recent HBR articles


3. Save your search so that you only have to reload the content when necessary


And in case of any difficulty, get in touch with us… We will be happy to help!

How to renew books online?


Loan books can be renewed up to 5 times before they need to be brought back to the library.

To renew your books online you must log into your online library record. Your online library record lists the books you have borrowed with their due dates. To log in you onlyneed to have your HEC Paris network codes.

Take 10 seconds to watch this quick “how to” video.

Please also note that if another user has placed a hold on your book you cannot renew it.

Remember that you can also email the library help desk, make a phone call or tchat to get your books renewed. We’ll be happy to help!

How to set up your Financial Times access?


The Library provides to HEC Paris students access to the Financial Times online, including full text content produced for the past 8 years, and today’s edition.

Creating your own account will also give you access to:

  • Alerts Hub, that allows you to receive a daily notification as soon as articles are published on your specific keyword terms
  • the ePaper (the 6 FT editions available online : UK, Europe, USA, Asia, India, Middle East)
  • the “FT Newslines” an integrated annotation tool, created exclusively for the academic community that allows teachers to integrate FT items in their teaching, comment and share their annotations with their students or another community
  • a Clipping service for “pinning” an article to save it in your personal folder and/or share it with someone or on a social network

New users must already create their personnal account and enter their email adress with or

Did you know that you can also set up a mobile access on your iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone?

We will be happy to help if you encounter any problem

How to link Google Scholar to the library ressources?

Here is a quick video on how to link Google Scholar with the HEC Paris library’s subscribed ressources. BYou just have to make sure you are connected to your google account.

You will then be able to consult thousands of articles referenced by Google Scholar and displayed in HEC Paris numerous subscribed databases (i.e Ebsco Business Source Complete, Elsevier Science, JSTOR, Emerald…)

Do not hesitate to ask us any further question


Linking Google Scholar