Referencing databases

How to cite specialist company and financial databases

A veru useful guide created by the Manchester Business School Library ‘considers a database as similar to an e-book’  and therefore suggests you use the database name as the author. For example, the citation would be (Datastream, 2012) rather than (Thomson Reuters, 2012) The reader can find the specific database used in the list of references.

As a general rule, this format can be adopted:

Author =Database name, (year)

Full database title,  [consulted via]

Available at: Subscription Service (accessed: Date accessed)

For example, to cite a full databse:

Bloomberg. (2012) Bloomberg Professional. [Online]. Available at: Subscription Service (Accessed: 3 January 2014)

Or a report from within a specific database:

Bloomberg. (2012) “Company information for Rolls Royce PLC”, Bloomberg Professional. [Online]. Available at: Bloomberg Subscription Service (Accessed: 19 November 2012)

Business Research Plus, the MBS Library blog is full of valuable information. Have a look!

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