EbscoHost Alerts

Get email alerts for new publications on specific subjects!

Did you know that using the EbscoHost platform, such as through Business Source Complete, you can create search alerts for new publications on a particular subject?

For example, you can set up alerts for:

– Key word(s) searches
– Specific themes
– A prior saved search
– Articles by a specific author
– Articles from a specific journal
– Industry, company profiles and country reports
– Dissertations, books and working papers

Alerts are available on the following platforms:

Setting up email alerts 

Simply access the database on the HEC Library website and set up your search, as below.

In this case, let’s search for ‘Luxury Strategy

Then Click  the “Create Alert” button to the right of the search button.


You will be presented with this screen, with options to refine your search terms, and define the frequency of alert, publication date of articles and presentation of results.


To create the alert, simply click  the “Save Alert’’ yellow button

Or, equally, copy and paste the RSS feed into a Feed provider.


You have to sign into EbscoHost to set up alerts. Do so using your HEC email address.


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