September news


Web of Science Training Session
There is still time to register for the “Web of science” training session provided by Thomson Reuters on 8 October at 2 pm at the library. More information from Sandra Dupouy at the library.

Article of the month
An experiment on researchers reveals lessons for learning what works.

This is an article written by Dr Max Nathan from the “What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth“. The subject is a randomised control trial conducted by the editors of the Journal of Public Economics on the academics who peer-review journal submissions.

“We evaluate policies to increase prosocial behavior using a field experiment with 1,500 referees at the Journal of Public Economics. We randomly assign referees to four groups: a control group with a six-week deadline to submit a referee report; a group with a four-week deadline; a cash incentive group rewarded with $100 for meeting the four-week deadline; and a social incentive group in which referees were told that their turnaround times would be publicly posted. We obtain four sets of results.”

Mooc of the month
Every month we draw your attention on a remarkable mooc which could be of interest to you. This month, it is “Information Visualization” from Indiana University. This course provides an overview about the state of the art in information visualization. It teaches the process of producing effective visualizations that take the needs of users into account.


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