A brief report of our first “Ciné-break”

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In the tradition of ‘café-livre’, the library has initiated on September 18th a first ‘ciné-break’, whose films and impressions are hereby shared.


Delphine wished to speak to us about “Hippocrate” (2014), by Thomas Lilti (ex-doctor), which tells the story of the initiation of a young doctor, an intern, in his father’s service. “This is a good film to watch, very realistic, very concrete, where you can laugh at situations that are not funny. The film  depicts a two-tier hierarchy in the medical profession, where the education of doctors has to be reviewed, especially on a tactful and psychological level.The film also focuses on the support which exists between doctors, sometimes at the cost of the patient.”


Mandula (MBA student) told us about the emotion he felt seeing the film ‘Amour’ (2012) by Michael Haneke and the admiration he has for the films by this director in general. According to him, Haneke depicts life simply and without artifice, and shows true love as it should be; a life love. Mandula dreams of working in the cinema industry and praises this ‘great film’ directed with limited technical and financial resources. “Haneke knows how to show anger, the excess of rage, the animal side that exists in every human being. He creates an atmosphere where one suffocates, where one feels oppressed and then empty”, according to Yi.
Also mentioned: ‘The piano teacher’, ‘The White Ribbon’ and ‘Funny games’.


Yi, meanwhile, wanted to share opinions on ‘Les amours imaginaires’ (2010) by Xavier Dolan, also a film about love but in a different style. It openly discusses homosexuality. Francis and Marie, two best friends, fall in love with the same man. This love triangle transforms into an unhealthy relationship and the best friends become enemies. “Dolan follows the emotions of his characters with artistic techniques such as slow motion and the use of colours in some scenes (parts all in blue, green or red, etc)”.


Olzem recommends ‘Mine Vaganti’ (Le premier qui l’a dit – 2014) by Ferzan Ozpetek where we find another love triangle. Just like the previous one, “the film tackles the topic of homosexuality and subtly manipulates the public so that it ends up wanting the young homosexual man to fall in love with the girl. Central themes in this Italian comedy are the Italian culture, the audience and our desire of ‘normality’/’compliance’ “.


Yi also observed a parallel with the film ‘The crane of Flying’ (Quand passent les cigognes – 1957) by Mikhail Kalatokzov, a Russian film which also features a love triangle: a young Moscowian, gone to the Russian front during the war, returns years after and finds his fiancée married to his cousin.


Pascale made us share her passion for ‘Boyhood’ (2014) by Richard Linklater, who followed the same actors for 12 years to make a film for the family and the passing of time.
We are not in judgment. Everybody has their own path.”


She recommended ‘Under the skin’ (2013) by Johnathan Glazer, a film without a dialogue that shows an alien who arrives on earth to seduce men before making them disappear. In the main role is Scarlett Johansson; the other roles are played by amateur actors. We find the actress in another film that, on the contrary, uses only her voice: ‘Her’ (2014) by Spike Jonze. Johansson gives her voice to a modern computer program able to adapt to the personality of each user. A man (Theodore) who acquires the program, becomes acquainted with the voice (Samantha) and falls in love…
The two films complement each other”.


To go further, find in the library:
– Two novels about the hospital environment : ‘Alors voilà, La 1001 vie des urgences’ by Baptiste Beaulieu; ‘Le chœur des femmes’ by Martin Winckler
‘Amour’ by Michael Haneke [movie]
– Other films with Scarlett Johansson : ‘Lost in translation’ by Sofia Coppola, ’Vicky Christina Barcelona’, ‘Scoop’ and ‘Match point’ by Woody Allen.

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