Miss Palmer Case



Last Monday night, the library was the scene of quite a strange crime. Miss Palmer was found lifeless in the literature section. She had been killed coldly, her head had been hit with a bookend.

About 20 students came to investigate from 8pm to 10pm in order to find out who the murderer could be.
There were 5 suspects: 4 librarians and a student. The students – in a group or individually – interviewed them tirelessly to find out the truth. All suspects had alibis but some of their declarations were not matching: the hardest thing was to unmask who was lying.

The atmosphere was both exciting and studious. Every student was determined to uncover the culprit. After more than one hour of investigating, forming hypotheses and having doubts, our one night detectives concluded by giving the name of the person they accused of the crime. And 11 of them found the criminal: Christine!

3 of the discerning investigators were drawn to win the great prizes generously sponsored by EBSCO Information Services : Cristiano won an Ipad whereas Lara and Jiayne received a Kobo E-reader !
All the other participants got a Library goodie as a consolation Ppize : A travel mug or a USB stick for the right answers, and a cotton bag with a pen for the others.

Congratulations and thank you for having played the game and shared this fun moment with us!


I thought it was a great idea and really enjoyed it. Also an effort was taken to make everything look realistic, with the crime scene or the plan in the library and the staff was really friendly and interested themselves. Thank you very much for organising it. ” Lara

“I had a fantastic time at the Murder Party last Monday. The plot was clerverly crafted and the fake crime scene with red tape and a dead body outline immediately pulled me into the investigation. The library staff were in character the whole time – even when some of us asked them some really awkward questions ! –  and the plot kept thickening as we interrogated them. It was a really fun experience, also because a lot of exchange students were there and we got to work together and learn from one another’s interrogation techniques. At the end, as we were munching on cakes and sweets, the library staff revealed the identity of the murderer, and all those who had guessed right got a prize. I really hope there will be another Murder Party soon, and really encourage you to go if you haven’t been there yet! Thank you again 🙂Oriana

I really like the atmosphere and appreciate that the “witnesses” acted so hard! So enjoy it and many thanks!Jiayue

Very cool and well prepared event. To be done again !Kevin

I must say it was a very engrossing event, with a murder theme that captured my mind. It was fun to play “detective” for one night!Akshay

See the photo album on the library’s Facebook page.



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