VOX: CEPR’s policy portal

CEPRVOX is an online information policy portal set up by CEPR. It operates with a Consortium of other sites, including the Italian site LaVoce, which provided inspiration for the idea and help from the start, the French site Telos, the Spanish site Sociedad Abierta, and the German Ökonomenstimme.

Vox aims to enrich the economic policy debate in Europe and beyond, and to promote the dissemination of research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading economists.

The intended audience is economists in governments, international organisations, academia and the private sector as well as journalists specialising in economics, finance and business.

The columns are organized by topic, date, reads or tag. If you choose to view the columns by topic, they are displayed in alphabetical order, showing the number of columns in each topic. The organization by date shows that the articles cover the period from March 2007 to present, and allows you to view the columns by month. The classification by reads shows you the most popular content, whereas ‘By tag’ displays the most frequently used tags, linked with the articled they are used in.

How to subscribe?

“RSS feeds” allow you to receive news about Vox columns directly to your desktop, iPhone, iPad, etc. To use RSS, you need an “RSS Reader”. There are many, but we recommend Feedly since it’s easy to set up and works across desktop and mobile devices.

To access feeds from your browser (on a PC or Mac) – Click here and follow the instructions. You need a Google Account to run this – but the up side is that it makes it effortless to synch across your laptop, desktop, iPhone, etc.

To access from your iPhone, iPad or Android device – Download the Feedly app from the App store and touch on the ‘bars’ top left to pull up the LOGON screen; log on with the same Google account and you automatically get the RSS feeds you added on all your other devices.


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