The Academia “Sessions” tool

Academia LogoThe academic social network has now more than 25 million registered participants, who use the network mainly to post papers. Its new tool called Sessions allows researchers to have a constant access to peer critiques on their works and to potentially broaden the circle of colleagues who can interact on their research.

“In Sessions, researchers upload a draft paper and then invite a list of other scholars on the network to comment on it during a 20-day period. After that time, the author can either extend the session for another 20 days or close off comments”.

Read more on this article published by The Chronicle of Higher Education: Academic Social Network Hopes to Change the Culture of Peer Review, on Sept. 25, 2015.

Sessions uses the Scribd viewer to display content in your browser and a like annotation system, which allows every participant to anchor his or her comments anywhere in the document, or just publish a general notice.



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