Café Philo : on April 7th


On Friday 7th April at 1pm at the library.

Café Philo HEC explores new and exciting ideas from philosophy and theory, providing perspectives which can enrich and shape creative thinking and decision making in business

In the upcoming event, we will explore central ideas from Transformative Experience, a recently published book that has been receiving sustained attention in Philosophy and the Social Sciences, particularly by theorists focusing on the nature of choice and decision making, and their relation to experience.

How can we rationally make subjective choices which entail dramatically new outcomes? According to L.A. Paul, transformative experiences constitute a major challenge for normative theories of decision making, one which has not been sufficiently appreciated as of yet. When making choices rationally from a subjective point of view, we need to have a grasp on the expected value of the outcomes, as well as of the nature of the future experiences involved. And yet, for choices involving radically new experiences, those also involving a fundamental shift in our preferences – for example, significantly changing the course of life, having a child, participating in a new venture or political movement – we are confronted by the fact that we can know very little about out subjective futures. This has serious implications for our decisions. Confronting this challenge, in Transformative Experience Paul develops the idea that choosing rationally, in cases of dramatically new experiences, might require us to regard big life decisions as choices to make discoveries about the intrinsic nature of experience

The event will be co-animated in English by Liza Kharoubi Echenique and Yaron Wolf, who will discuss central ideas as well as implications of this fascinating new work.

To attend this event, please contact Sylvie Marion: