Advice on your online identity and sharing your work

Create an online identity

Maybe your career just started or you can be a well-established researcher, in either case, building an online presence is important.

In a recent blog post, Clarivate Analytics gives some advices on how to build your online researcher identity and increase your impact. Some of them are no-brainers like using your institution’s resources or presenting your work at conferences. Clarivate Analytics also encourage you to create and update your online profile. Publons, a Clarivate Analytics website, but other solutions exist, like Google Scholar; already use by some HEC Researchers.

Another advice is to create a unique identifier; we wrote an article on creating an ORCID. Other solutions are possible, like the Web of Science ResearcherID.

Sharing your work

After creating your online profile and personal identifier, the best way to be visible is to make your work easily accessible and citable. We encourage you to upload your research paper on SSRN, where HEC have a collection. We will be glad to help you if you have any questions regarding SSRN.

A good thing with SSRN: you can now share your data when you upload your paper. Your data will be citable and store on Mendeley. We wrote an article about it here.

Finally, social networks are also important and a great tool to share your work and connect with other researcher.

Do you want to know more?

Read the Clarivate Analytics blog post here.

This blog gives also advices on how to create and maintain your Google Scholar profile.