Presentation of Béatrice Leroy, the Training Manager of the Learning Center

Learning to make researches : the key to successfull studies

Every Year HEC Learning Center takes subscriptions to many high value databases specialized in economy, such as Orbis, Xerfi, Business Source Complete, Financial Times. They contain articles, market reports, company reports which are not reachable for free through Google. HEC Learning Center gives its public the opportunity to connect those information from anywhere at any time.

As responsible for the Learning Center databases promotion, first I identify the economic information needs of our students, whoever they are : MSC, MS, M1, MBA, EMBA, Exed…Then, thanks to the program managers, I plan at the best moment  presentations in lecturer to show students the most relevant information to their needs (looking for an internship, writing a thesis, working on a company case). Thus, they discover how to access precious market reports, articles, company reports both online and off-campus. After these presentations, students or participants are supposed to know precisely the Learning Center Offer, and to be autonomous in their research. They all receive a customized guide. Of course, I tell them to feel free to come and see the Library Learning Center team to receive help at any time.

Most of the time, students are surprised by the wealth of our resources. And when they ask how to do to continue to access those data after their academic year, I suggest them to subscribe to another HEC program …

Béatrice Leroy, the Training Manager of the Learning Center