VOD: a world full of promise

Vod or “médiathèque numérique” allows you to select and watch video contents whenever you choose.

A substantial and various selection of contents such as movies, kids shows, cartoons, tv series, documentaries of the Arte and Univers Ciné collections are provided in original versions but with the relevant subtitles.

You can access to 3 contents/ month and stream or download them for 48 hours on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

How to access? It’s very simple: on the library website, choose “médiatheque numérique” on the databases tab.

Fill in the registration form. Your request will be validated by the library team.

Wait for your confirmation e-mail and then enjoy!


Passport – Competitors Analytics : a company-centric view of the market

Competitor Analytics is a tool that provides a company-centric view of the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) universe using cross-country standardized data from 20 products and services industries.

Competitor Analytics links all companies together into a quantifiable competitive landscape, using the market overlap measure, which lets you examine how a company actions such as acquisitions have changed its competitive distance to its competitors.

You can use Competitor Analytics for :

A quick overview of a company

    • Evaluate retail sales footprint by country / category.  Identify sales growth drivers in different markets. Find key brands in different country/category  combinations.
    • Understand how companies position themselves in growth vs. mature  markets.

Examine a competitive landscape

    • Confirm which companies are top competitors.
    • Discover companies that are becoming strategically closer together or
      drifting further apart.
    • See how past actions such as acquisitions and market entries have changed
      the competitive landscape.

See the world from a competitor’s perspective

    • In which markets competitors are winning and losing.
    • Tracking the companies that some competitors are actively tracking and compare that to another competitor point of view.

Evaluation of potential mergers and acquisitions

    • Identify gaps in a company’s country and category coverage.
    • Evaluate the complementary fit of companies.
    • Understand anti-competition regulatory challenges that might result from
      an M&A opportunity (combined market share above 50% or significant HHI

Access Passport GMID and start to use Competitor Analytis : http://www.portal.euromonitor.com.ezproxy.hec.fr/

Dawsonera: your online access to thousands of e-books

Have you heard of Dawsonera? This database is your main entrance to the Learning Center’s e-book collection.

Connect to the Dawson platform with your HEC  credentials  and get access to a collection of more than 4,000 digital books in management sciences and social sciences, on-site or remotely. You can search  books by format (PDF or ePub), date, category (social sciences, information, technology, sciences…), publisher and language.

You decide, we purchase!

Some e-books appear in green in your list of results. These books have been permanently purchased by the library. You can read them online or download them.

big data mba

The e-books in purple have been selected by the Learning Center team. Should we purchase them? It is up to you! You can either request the book or previsualize the first 50 pages for 5 minutes. When the time is over, if you still want to read it, the book is automatically purchased by the library!

machine learning paradigms

Get access to even more e-books on Dawsonera with the Paris-Saclay Collection

Besides the Learning Center’s selection, Dawsonera also gives you access to the Paris-Saclay Collection, which is a collection of 4,000 digital books chosen by the COMUE Paris-Saclay in computer science, philosophy, social sciences, language, science, technology and arts.

You can download or stream the e-books on site, or remotely using the « Connect with Shibboleth » option.

Open Access articles are available on Web of Science

Thanks to a new partnership between Clarivate and Impactstory, it is now possible to research and access to Open Access articles using Web of Science!

What’s is Web of Science?

Web of Science is a citation database that let you search for information about articles on a particular topic, or from a author, editor and even funding agency. You can create email alerts of you search and be informed when one of your article is cited.

What’s new on Web of Science?

Web of Science will now enable you to access Gold and Green Open Access journals and articles, it could be the Accepted Version Manuscript or the Published Version. With a preference to the publisher’s Gold version.

How can I do that?

The Library subscribe to the Web of Science, you can access it here.

Clarivate published a 5 minutes video on this subject, you can view it here:

Turn the pages of the FT online !


With the Premium access to the FT app the library provides you,  you can leaf through the FT ePaper.

To access it, create your account here.

Once you are connected to the FT app, activate the drop-down menu on the left and select “ePaper”. All editions (UK, Europe, Asie,…) are available in ePaper.

Fore more info on the FT through the library services :


Have you tried LeKiosk yet?

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 15.08.27The library subscribes to a newstand service called “Kiosk Pro“, which gives you access to French and foreign magazines in digital format. Latest issues of The Economist or Harvard Business Review (French) for example are available from the day of their publication.

You can choose up to 6 magazines each month from a selection of 50 titles and build your own library with latest issues or archive. You can also save articles to read offline.

Click here to connect and use your HEC network codes.

Have you tried the library discovery service yet?

EDS1The library subscribes to EDS discovery service, a search engine that provides access to over 15,000 full-text journals and 10,000 ebooks made up of the electronic content that the library has purchased or leased from information suppliers.

The library catalogue is also linked to EDS, therefore all textbooks that are available for loan to library patrons are referenced. Real-time availability is supplied showing the location and status of the material.


Thus EDS could be a great place to start your article or topical research. Access is made easy through the single field on the library website.

Note that not every database to which the library subscribes is indexed in EDS. Market studies or financial databases do not have the “bibliographic metadata” — author, title, publication info, subject, and so forth — required to be indexed in the Discovery Service. Please use the thematic browsing of subscribed databases for such resources.

Three ways to use WRDS

WRDSDid you know? WRDS offers 3 ways of accessing data: On the website using form-based queries, through a UNIX terminal session, or using PC-SAS on your desktop computer. Each method has its own benefits and strengths.

WRDS provides a common interface to a variety of databases in order to make the process of extracting data more simple for you. Read more on WRDS website and learn how to get the most out of WRDS access modes.

And to learn more about data sets that the library subscribes to, connect to the library web site.

Textmarker! will help you avoid plagiarism

Textmarker! is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which allows you to highlight text selections and to copy it into a Word document. Up to 3 highlighter colors can be configured.

First, add Textmarker! to your browser.


Then, on a selection of text of your document and make a right-click to highlight a paragraph.
Make another right click to select “Texte surligné —-> Copier tous les éléments surlignés”

Last, on a Word document, paste your text selection using the  Ctrl +V shortcut on your keyboard. The text’s source will automatically be added below the paragraph.

Zotero : Boost your efficiency with tips and smart features

Zotero is an essential companion for all faculties and students who are writing their papers or thesis. But Zotero is not perfect 😉

Thankfully, several features, pluggins or apps makes up for its limitations in particular with PDF management.


1. Saved Searches

 […] With the advanced search feature you can start combining criteria and getting really sophisticated […]

Instead of manually search for your library’s articles, you can  build an advanced search, enter your search criterias and terms then save it as a saved search.


Find out more about Zotero’s saved searches with this article of The Digital Researcher

2. Zotfile

2.1 Manage your downloaded PDFs

Another interesting discovery is  Zotfile.

Zotfile is a third-party plugin which will help you handle your PDFs once downloaded in Zotero. By default, Zotero store your PDFs into a deep folder in your computer and namme them randomly like “6K765YEI”

Zotfile allows you to choose where you want to store and name your PDFs, including in a Dropbox file !
It makes this possible by “linking the citation entry in Zotero to the file“.

You can, for example, store your PDF files in a folder called “My thesis” that lives in your Dropbox space.

2.2 Extract your highlights and annotations from your PDFs

If you open your PDF in another application to add highlights and annotations, Zotfile can actually extract and save them as an attached note in Zotero.

This feature is one of Zotfile’s best asset.

On your PDF document, highlight an expression or a paragraph and make a right-click  to select Manage Attachments —> Extract Annotations.

The note will be attached with its record in your Zotero Library


Find more about Zotfile and its features by reading this article written by Catherine Pope and published on The Digital Researcher  : “How to make Zotero even better with Zotfile

Download Zotfile here : http://zotfile.com/

3. Annotate your Zotero’s articles on your iPad

First, you need to download and install the iPad app of Zotero : Zotpad.

1. Link ZotPad with Dropbox. To do this, set both Zotero and ZotPad to use Dropbox as the file storage service in your settings.

2. Set up the “Advanced Dropbox Settings” and preferences of ZotPad so that they exactly macth those in your Zotfile preferences : this will allow the download of your documents from Dropbox.

3. Then, on your document use the “Open in…” function to view the PDF on ZotPad and annotate it.

4. The annotated document will then  be updated in Dropbox and Zotero !


For more details and info about how ZotPad can help you improve your efficiency, read this article from “HASTAC”