SSRN March updates

How to select the most relevant e-journals to your research on SSRN?

SSRN1In order to give more exposure to your research papers, when you submit them to SSRN you can select up to 12 subject matter eJournals in addition to the collection HEC Paris Research Paper Series.

To select them, you simply display the topics you are interested in. SSRN provides additional information when you pass through each theme.

SSRN2However, to get an overall view of eJournals, you can use the Browse tab and display the proposed topics. On the information notices associated with the eJournals, you may find links to the Top downloaded papers or Most recent papers.

You can subscribe to eJournals in order to be notified about the most recently published papers. The subscription link is located at the top of the page dedicated to each eJournal.

The app iSSRN on smartphones and tablets

SSRN app2SSRN is available for smartphones and Apple tablets. More than 250,000 papers are downloadable in full text.

The app iSSRN is available on the App store.

Get the right info : create your own news feed on your mobile device

You can now avoid trawling through articles that hold no personal interest, by personalising your news feed on your mobile device.

There are many apps available for Apple, Android and Windows devices that can help you do this; for example Feedly, Flipboard, Zite, YouMag and Google Currents, to name but a few

feedly-logo1     flipboard     Zite-App-Icon_thumb     youmag logo     googlecurrents

Let’s take Feedly as an example

Feedly is an application designed to “deliver all your favorite content in one place” by making contecnt from news sites, magazines, feeds, tumblr blogs, YouTube, Vimeo etc available all in one place.

First, download it from the app store for free


When setting up your content, you can select by subject area, and by language by sliding the search menu out from the right hand side of the screen


You can equally search for a specific publication, or content from the web

To add content to your feed, select the publication, and then touch the ‘ + ‘ to the right of the publication


You can organise your content as you add it, into subject area categories

Equally, you can flag articles to read later, or further explore the publication by following the corresponding sections in the menu available from the left hand side of the screen.


When you launch the app, your home page news feed will now contain articles from publications you have subscribed to.
Tap an article to read it in full, or sort your news feed by sector using the left hand menu.

image_2     image_7

For more information and step by step procedures to help set up these applications, consult this guide!

Download the SSRN app on your iPad


SSRN, the online repository for academic research articles,
also has its application, called iSSRN.

To download it, simply go to the app store, search SSRN, and touch the icon to begin the free download


Once downloaded, the app functions in a similar fashion to the SSRN site

You can conduct a search using the search bar, and your results will appear according to number of downloads.

Simply touch “view PDF” to see the article in full, or on one of the authors names to get a more complete profile.