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wikipedia-logo_1Selon Wikipédia, le terme Growth hacking veut littéralement dire “bidouiller la croissance”.

La définition simple de ce terme serait : Ensemble de techniques de marketing permettant d’accélérer rapidement et significativement la croissance d’une start-up.

Concept importé des États-Unis, le mot apparaît en 2010, son créateur est Sean Ellis, le fondateur de Le growth hacker tente d’optimiser les metrics AARRR (L’acquisition, l’activation, la retention, le referral et bien sûr le revenu) par tous les moyens, en mettant en place des expériences jusqu’à ce qu’il trouve la ou les pistes qui permettent de faire grossir sa start-up et puis les automatise/les systématise.

Le Growth Hacking est utilisé, notamment, par les entreprises de e-services suivantes Airbnb, Facebook, Dropbox, Groupon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Udemy, YouTube, etc.


Pour aller plus loin…

Nous avons sélectionné pour vous quelques documents pour approfondir le sujet.


In moving from execution to optimization in your marketing journey, Anita Newton says it is time to think like a data scientist. Learn how growth hacking can turn your business into a customer acquisition machine.



Nos ressources

La bibliothèque vous propose une sélection d’ouvrages sur le sujet.

business-books-of-2015-7-day-startup-growth-hacker-marketing-by-ryan-holidayGROWTH HACKER MARKETING de Ryan Holiday disponible à la cote 4-602 HOL

Growth hackers believe that products and businesses should be modified repeatedly until they’re primed to generate explosive reactions. Ryan Holiday explains the new rules and provides valuable examples and case studies for aspiring growth hackers.





What you will learn : 1. The Most Effective Tools, Software, and Technology in the Galaxy for Digital and Startup Marketers, 2. 100 Must-Know Growth Hacks to Take your Business to the Next Level, 3. Insider Info from Leading Startups Showcasing the Best Growth Hacks Ever Conceived


ultimate-question-2-0THE ULTIMATE QUESTION 2.0: HOW NET PROMOTER COMPANIES THRIVE IN A CUSTOMER-DRIVEN WORLD de Fred Reichheld disponible à la cote 4-62 REI

Authors explains how practitioners have built Net Promoter into a full-fledged management system that drives extraordinary financial and competitive results. Reichheld defines the fundamental concept of Net Promoter, explaining its connection to your company’s growth and sustained success, presents the closed-loop feedback process and demonstrates its power to energize employees and delight customers














EndNote Web goes social

EndNote WebIf you already subscribe to EndNote Web (see below how to benefit from the library subscription), you may have access to a new network for researchers called EndNote Community. This network has been created for the specific needs of the academic and research community, with subject groups, polls and the ability to search for people by name or discipline.

Just like the other networks, you can search and add connections, post to your wall or the wall of your connections and view your latest news on your wall. You can also post polls, invite people to events and uploads files.

The EndNote community is based on subject areas and the groups include areas for discussion as well as lists of members. Anyone can create a new group for subjects or a sub-subject group of an existing one.

Also note that you can access EndNote training, tutorials and discussions groups within the network. This enables you to have your questions answered by other EndNote users.

You can create your personal profile on EndNote Web using this link. Please note that the initial sign-up must be done on campus. Once signed up, you will be able to log into EndNote on and off campus.

The agile organization: recommended resources

AgileAn Agile Organization can respond very quickly to changes in its marketplace and environment.

Below are some valuable resources on this new topic selected by the HEC Paris librarians. Hope you find it useful!



Adding agile capabilities to organizations

The 90% success recipe: Commercial transformations that beat the odds and the market / Homayoun Hatami, Candace Lun Plotkin, Kevin McLellan, Patrick Schulze. McKinsey report, september 2014 – Report
“What that means in practice is having an agile organization that is constantly innovating, constantly spotting and reacting to new opportunities, and constantly evolving with the customer. Erwin van Laethem, CEO for Dutch energy company Essent, puts it succinctly: “Every success we’ve had in the market has been copied by our competitors,” he says. “What you can’t copy is how people work together in an organization.” ”

Case Study of an Agile Transformation in a Large Organization / Justin Marks. TechEd Europe 2014 – Video
“Microsoft’s Developer Division, (…), has been on a multi-year journey to transform itself from a waterfallian box product into an agile online service and regular client updates. In this session, we review the process and practices used by this division to deliver faster, react to feedback, plan and learn, stay connected to customers, continually improve quality, and measure success. We discuss the organizational issues experienced during the transformation and give examples of key practices and metrics used to improve the organization sprint over sprint. Hear about lessons learned in moving from a traditional software delivery team to a modern DevOps team.”

Lean and agile: an epistemological reflection / Marie-Joëlle Browaeys and Sandra Fisser. The Learning Organization, 2012 19:3 , 207-218. (HEC Paris authentification needed) – Article
The novelty of this paper is the presentation of an alternative approach to the concepts of lean and agile, using an epistemological point‐of‐view. The paper deepens the understanding of the lean and agile concepts by applying the complexity paradigm as proposed by Edgar Morin. Furthermore, it proposes self‐organizing teams for possible unification of both concepts.

Why business simulations work and how they are building more agile organizations / Dan Parisi. People & Strategy. June, 2011, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p4, 2 p. – Article
How Peak Performers Develop Hindsight in Advance Before taking action, real-world peak performers like pilots, military personnel and disaster response teams use simulations to develop the skills to respond to high-impact challenges.

Need for Speed: Ramping up the Velocity of Big Data / William Weaver. Scientific Computing, 03/03/2014 – Article
Big Data tools such as Grok and IBM Watson are enabling large organizations to behave more like agile startups.


Managing the agile workforce

Building the Agile Workforce / Harvard Business Review – Podcast (16mn07)-
Interview of Jeffrey Joerres, CEO of ManpowerGroup, on finding the talent you need in an unpredictable world.
“In today’s world in order to create this agile workforce, you really have to work on two things. One is the actual structure of how work gets done, and the other, of course, is the behavior of people, because in an agile workforce, you have less rules so you have to really be working much more with a positive intent, if you will, particularly if you’re in a large organization.”

Winning Practices of Adaptive Leadership Teams / Roselinde Torres and Nneka Rimmer. BCG report, April 3, 2012.- Report
“Top teams must be more than just high performing. They also need to adapt and thrive, regardless of the turbulence they face.” BCG expores “how adaptive teams remain nimble in the face of rapid change. This Focus report explores our findings in more detail and digs deeper into the practices and philosophies behind the five traits to learn what differentiates the adaptive leadership teams that win consistently in the marketplace from their average-performing counterparts.”

Taking The Leap To Agile Manufacturing: From Intention To A. Successful Paradigm Shift / A. Canda and L. Gogan. Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society. 2012, Issue 3, p77-80. 4p. (HEC Paris authentification needed) – Article
The paper presents the agile principles with the needs origin analysis for the definition and design of a new business management paradigm (that is associated to a proposed business model) combining two dimensions: (1) organizational behaviour related to competitiveness and (2) the internal environment characteristics focused on human resources management and change management. In addition, there are presented the implementation phases of the proposed business model (as strategic options at the organizational level) and challenges for the organization`s project team, by underlining the leadership aspects as key issues in a successful implementation of agile principles.

Integrating formal and informal learning in an agile organisation / Paul Rasmussen. Training & Development, Jun2012, Vol. 39 Issue 3, p6-8. 3p. (HEC Paris authentification needed) – Article
Delivering integrated workforce training, which is able to quickly meet organizational requirements with minimal interruption to the workplace, is a challenge faced by most organisations – in particular those organisations with highly geographically and culturally diverse workforces.


Be agile and read the best books on this issue at the library!

For students and staff: Use this link to display the bibliography of the 8 recommended books to borrow or read online via the Library subscriptions.

Operations ruleManager agile JugaadBooster  L'entreprise mobile

How to manage your citations with your iPad ?

More and more citations apps are now available for tablets.
We already present you Easy Bib but others apps also exist.
Some are free others will cost you a few euros.

Take a look at this selection made by “Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Which one is your favorite ?

Would you be willing to pay to get an effective app to manage citations on your iPad ?




Easybib for iPad

Now that you know how to generate easily a bibliography with Easybib (see the article “How to generate your citations and create a bibliography with Easybib“)

find out about the Easybib iPad app !

Easybib for iPad allows you to create accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in seconds by scanning a book bar code or by typing the name of a book.

Create and manage your works cited list directly from your iPad.

Once done, email  or export your citations  !

screen480x480    screen480x480 (1)

How to generate your citations and create a bibliography with EasyBib ?

EasyBib is a free tool which allows you to generate citations in MLA, APA & Chicago formats and create a bibliography for your research paper.
Whether you need to cite a book, a journal, an article, a website, a database,… Easybib adapts the citation to the appropriate format.

1. Install the Easybib extension on your browser

A free extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox











Or ou can also go directly on and start to generate your citations  now !


2. Create your Easybib account

Click on the Easybib extension in your browser to register or clic on Sign Up on the Easybib plateform












3. Search for a citation

Search for your citation on the Easybib database.



Select the citation you need in the results list

If the citation you need doesn’t appear, you can create it using the manual cite form


Then Easybibn formats the citation in an MLA format.

You can copy/paste the citation, share the URL of the citation or export it as a bibliography in a Word or Google document





All your citations are saved in your Easybib account under “My Projects” !