Looking for a company profile ?


From a simple Google search, it’s easy to find lots of information on all types of companies in France or abroad .

However, the most important data is accessible only through subscription databases .

Good news! the library holds subscriptions to many of them !

MarketLine (Formerly known as the ” Datamonitor 360 ‘)

MaketLine provides valuable information such as company reports, listed or unlisted , SWOT analysis , but also market studies, country reports, financial transactions etc …

Here’s how to find company profiles :

From the Home screen, type the name of a company in the search field and then  under ” All Research ” select ” Companies ” and launch the search.

MarketLine - companies menu

From the results page, the search can be refined according to various criteria using the menu that appears on the right of the screen
Click a report title to view the Table of Contents and download the report in Word or PDF format

MarketLine -CR

NB All reports are presented in the same way as follows :

– A brief description of the company
– Key business figures
– Biographies of its main leaders
– A presentation of its products and services
– An analysis of accounts
– A SWOT analysis
– Its main competitors
– Offices and subsidiaries

A SWOT analysis  is a 6-7 pages document which is a particularly useful tool as it allows you to obtain an overview of the internal organization of a company , its environment and its strategy.


Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete also provides access to company reports (almost 20 000!) and  SWOT analysis.

To find them , click on ” Company Information ” in the blue menu at the top of the page
Enter the name of a company , begin the search and select one of the proposed results .


You get the listing of the company, including the following:

– A brief description of its activity
– Key figures
– A list of subsidiaries
– Names of the main leaders

Useful Tip : SWOT analysis, which appear in the ” Related Information” menu on the left of the screen, allows you to further your knowledge of  the company and its sector by redirecting you to general press articles, and specialized or academic market data .


Factiva contains much more than articles of international press ! You can also find valuable information on companies and markets.

Here’s how :
Click on the ” Companies / Markets ” tab and then the “Companies” option


Find your desired business in the results list to view its profile.

Useful tip : Scroll to the bottom of the page to display graphs combining industry data , a ranking of major competitors and the latest news about the companies.


It’s almost magic 🙂
For further info or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us  on biblio@hec.fr

The hidden resources of Lexis Nexis

Learn how to access company profiles, biographies, country studies ….

Lexis- Nexis is a database of international press and legal news. But did you know you can also find company profiles, biographies, financial and sector specific data?

In effect, Lexis- Nexis holds a wealth of small treasures hidden within its sources. Here is how to find them!

Company financials

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the “ Company Profiles ” tab to access a search of businesses and select your sources, including in particular :

Hoover’s Company Profiles : profiles of over 40,000 businesses including a brief summary of the history of the company , the list of officers and members of the Board , its main competitors , products and services, information relating to its business sector and a financial balance sheet.

Worldscope : Provides access to financial data updated each week for 28,000 companies
Dafsaliens : Provides access to information on the 500 largest French groups (and their subsidiaries)



From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Biographies ” tab. You have access to 22 biographical databases including:
Who’s Who in the European Business Industry : biographical access to more than 4500 directors and European leaders
ICC Directors : contains information about 2 million executives and boards of directors of companies based in the United Kingdom.


Economic data by country

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Countries” tab. You can access information on country risk , economic news, forecast, …
• IHS Global Insight provides access to some articles from the database of economic and industrial forecasts covering 200 countries and 170 industries.
• PRS Group Country Risk Guides : These guides provide detailed descriptions of each factor which may affect the business, trade and investment of a country. Each report focuses on economic policy and the financial situation of a country and a diagnosis of financial position.


Lexis -Nexis now holds (almost) no more secrets for you !