Insight into Eikon Design Lab

EikonDiscover how the Eikon Design Lab is helping drive innovation in the financial markets.

Jesse Lewis, Head of User Experience for the Financial & Risk business at Thomson Reuters further explains how the Eikon Design Lab works: “The lab uses a lot of technology including an eye-tracking kit that allows us to see exactly where on the screen someone is looking. The lab provides a lot of detailed information about the customers’ experience of using our product and the insights we capture are then used to evolve the product further.”


Social Media Sentiment Monitor app within Eikon

EikonThis is an interesting study regarding how social media can provide sentiment indicators that are predictive of future market returns. To help determine whether a given stock has a positive or negative social media sentiment score, the Social Media Sentiment Monitor app within Eikon ranks tweeters based on their social influence or Klout scores.

See the case study published in The New York Times: “Beating the Street with Tweets