Papers of the month: The sharing economy debate

sharingeconomyThe debate on the sharing economy can be greatly enriched by the academic literature. That is what the site “Journalist’s resource” suggests with a comprehensive and relevant bibliography on this subject, coming from research papers that analyze and make the prospective on the sharing economy.

“Journalist’s resource” is based at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, and examines news topics through a research lens. It shwos that “it is worth digging into the available literature and knowing the centers of research debate and lines of argument.”

Read the article “Uber, Airbnb and consequences of the sharing economy: Research roundup” and search through the 17 items categorized into sub-themes: “What is the sharing economy and who participates?”, “Shared accomodation”, “Shared transports” and “Online ratings and reputation”.

Your Story Matters

YourStoryMattersDASH (Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard) is a central, open-access repository of research by members of the Harvard community. It is the University’s central service for sharing and preserving work. DASH is operated as an effort to provide access to Harvard’s scholarship, as well as enhance the discoverability and the impact of the authors’ works.

DASH is now launching Your Story Matters, a collection of hundreds of short testimonials of how free access to Harvard researchers’ publications has helped people from all over the world, from  high-school teachers to TV producers and parents of autistic children, do their jobs more efficiently.