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Capture d’écran 2014-11-14 à 11.22.57Here are some key numbers on the HEC Paris Research Paper Series on SSRN:

87 papers have been submitted within the last 12 months, bringing the number of papers published under the name of HEC Paris to 630 for the last 10 years, contributions from 110 authors who are (or have been) affiliated with HEC Paris. There are 491 papers in the collection HEC Paris Research Paper Series on SSRN.

The papers in the HEC collection have been downloaded 34 388 times over the last 12 months, an average of 54 downloads per paper. HEC ranks 8 out of 1 000 international business schools on this statistic.

Every month, a new issue of the eJournal of the collection is published with the last papers submitted. Click here to subscribe.

For all questions concerning the submission of papers, pre-prints, forthcoming or published articles, do not hesitate to contact the library.

Are you subscribed to the HEC Paris e-Journal collection on SSRN?

Every month, SSRN publishes an e-journal collection entitled the ‘HEC Paris Research Paper Series,’ on behalf of HEC Paris

Since April 2013, more than 15 issues have been published, which has provided the opportunity to promote 61 working papers published by researchers at HEC Paris.


For those who are not subscribed yet, please do so by clicking on the link.

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The complete collection of working papers in the HEC Paris Research Paper Series can be found here:

SSRN: How to select multiple e-journals


During the deposit process on SSRN and in addition to selecting the collection HEC Paris Research Paper Series, you can select one or more (up to 12) other e-Journals to increase your visibility. This approach puts your work in front of as many thematic pages on SSRN as possible, and sometimes on newsletters sent to subscribers (as is the case for the HEC Paris e-Journal collection).

How to select them?

Simply select the topics that interest you from the list provided under the e-Journal Classification field of the registration form. SSRN offers additional information for each e-Journal, that you can view by mousing over the selection.

Below is an example of a selection in Corporate Finance e-Journals


SSRN april article 2.1




The ‘HEC Paris Research Paper Series’

HEC Paris launched its own SSRN collection in January 2013, called the ‘HEC Paris Research Paper Series.’  Thanks to the support of researchers, professors and collaborators, Hec Paris  has managed to rise from 33rd to 14th place  in terms of the total number of publication downloads in the last 12 months. (data acquired from SSRN rankings)

This year, 101 documents have been deposited in the repository, compared to 52 in 2012; an increase by almost double, placing HEC Paris in 15th place in terms of new documents uploaded.

The complete collection of 568 documents, of which at least one author is affiliated with HEC Paris today represents 161,900 downloads – an average of 285 downloads per document and 26 citations per author .

To enable HEC Paris to maintain or even improve its ranking and to allow authors to improve their visibility, it is important to continue this trend and increase the number of submissions. The library is at the disposal of academics who have any questions about the legal aspects of copyright relating to pre-prints or technical aspects of deposit on SSRN . Contact: Lydia Tournaire .

HEC Paris Ranking on SSRN since January 2013 ( Based on total new downloads on the last 12 months)


Number of new material since January 2013