Atlas: Elsevier’s new virtual journal

atlas Atlas is a new virtual journal launched by Elsevier that publishes articles with a social impact, chosen from across science, social sciences, technology and health.

With the slogan “Research for a better world”, it aims at showing the value of science and scientific publishing in ways that resonate with global challenges. Researchers are well placed to explain concepts, but journalists can bring the crucial attention needed to integrate science into society. Each month Atlas will showcase research that can (or already has) significantly impact people’s lives around the world. Atlas articles will fall into four broad categories: people, planet, resources, and technology.

Each article is chosen by an external advisory board that includes representatives of some of the world’s most renowned non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They choose from a shortlist of articles suggested by the Publishers of Elsevier’s 1,800+ journals. The key criterion for selection is the social impact of the research. Then, Atlas’s science writers summarize the research in an easy-to-understand story. The selected articles will also be made freely available on ScienceDirect, which the library subscribes to.