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Duration of embargoes required by the publishers


The website Sherpa/RoMEO has published several lists, including one of 584 publishers that authorise authors to upload the publisher version or the PDF version of their articles without embargo. The other lists rank publishers based on the duration of the embargo: five publishers require an embargo of less than 6 months, 28 an embargo of 6 months, 33 an embargo of 12 months and 13 an embargo of 2 years…


This information is very useful for the deposit of articles on SSRN. Please contact the library for any clarification on the copyright of your research.

See :

Publishers Allowing use of their PDFs in Repositories


What is Sherpa/Romeo ?

SherpaRomeo is a database run by the University of Nottingham, UK, which allows any author publishing in an academic journal to verify the open-access related policies of journals and publishers.

How does it work ?

Connect to their site and type in the journal title pr publishers name in the search field. SherpaRomeo uses data provided by Zetoc (British Library) and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) to provide a summary of their exact publishing and copyright policies, in a clear and easy to follow coloured scale (see below.) It details whether pre-prints, post-prints, or publishers versions are permitted  to be shared on repositories such as SSRN or institutional repositories, and any other general conditions to be noted.

Why is it useful ?

Whilst close readings of publishers copyright policies are invaluable, SherpaRomeo provides an easy to follow and efficient method of understanding to what extent a journal will allow you to share your published articles, in what format, and under what conditions they will allow that sharing.

Why ask the library for help ?

The Library can help you with guidelines for uploading your work and ensure you fully understand publishers copyright implications. Similarly, the library can help clarify the grey areas of research sharing, and take contact directly with publishers on your behalf to ensure all guidelines are properly respected.

Go to SherpaRomeo now!

How can I easily find a journal ?

Whether  you are searching for a specific journal title, only have one or two words of the title, or you want to see all the journals available on one particular subject , it isn’t always easy to find exactly what you want amongst the 10,000 electronic  journal  titles available through the library’s resources. 


Don’t worry!

There is a quick, easy and efficient system to help you : the ‘’Journal Finder’’

A Journal Finder ? What is it ?

It is an eletronic directory which allows you to search, locate and acess all the journals, newspapers and magazines which the library subscribes to.

Accessible via the homepage of the library website , it contains the contents of the news and academic literature databases, as well as the websites of journal publishers where you can gain access to the full text of the articles.

And how does it work ?

It’s very simple !

To search for a journal or review from the “Search” tab, simply type the exact title or words from the title into the search bar.

If you don’t have this information, you can also search by the publisher’s name, the subject, the ISNN etc.

Journal Finder - Search

If you want to find all the journals available in a particular discipline, for example ‘”accounting’’ use the ‘’Subjects” tab, and select the area from the drop-down list.


Finally, in the “Index” tab you will be able to see a list of available titles offered by each resource.
For example:  a list of journals found in ‘Business Source Complete’


A small search engine will then allow you to browse through the list of answers.

And then?

In the search results,  the Journal Finder will show for each review:
– It’s location
– The time period available (e.g.  2001-present)
– The ISSN (if it has been registered)
– The Editor

Example :

Journal of Business Studies Quarterly

        Business Source Complete 2011 to present 

        DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals 2009 to present 

Resource Type: Journal

ISSN: 2152-1034 Online ISSN: 2156-862

Publisher: Journal of Business Studies Quarterly (JBSQ)

 All that is left to do is to click on the resource of your choice, for example Business Source Complete, and you will be redirected to the journal page.

And there you go 😉