The “Multi-source Searcher”

Have you tried it yet? 


The “Multi-source Searcher” allows you to search for articles in all of our literature available databases, and to limit searches according to several criteria


For example :

Search for  “earnings management


Refine your search results

We can then apply the following filters, for example, using the toolbar on the left hand side.

If we apply the filters :

– Library collection
– Articles published since 2006
– Academic articles
– Additional subject : “financial statements”

Our search has been refined to show less than 100 results, from a starting point of nearly 300,000!


A Research Assistant is always available at the library to help you build and save relevant searches on this useful tool

Ask for help by phone, chat or email !

New service on offer: Multi-Source search of HEC classified journals

New service on offer: Multi-Source search of HEC classified journals

 Which journals classified by HEC (A, B +, B or C) dealt with the subjects “Earnings Management” or “Financial Distress” the most over the last 10 years?

Which journals have published the most authors from HEC Paris?

If you want the answers to this type of question, ask the library for the answer!

We have implemented a multi source search of all journals ranked by HEC, across a wide range of research fields. The results will be presented in the form of an excel file containing the relevant algorithm results from Ebsco and will be sortable by many fields (name of journal, author, letter from HEC ranking …).

In addition, each article posted contains links to the full text, with remote access

Contact us for more details.