HEC Paris Research Paper Series on SSRN: What’s new?

Some numbers about “SSRN Top 1,000 International Business Schools”. Where is HEC Paris ?

  • HEC Paris is ranked at 8th place since 1 August 2014. A gain of 10 in one year !
  • 105 authors are currently affiliated with HEC Paris
  • Over the past 12 months, 319 downloads per author and 55 downloads per paper have been identified.

HEC Paris on ssrn

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Do you know your Eigenfactor Score on SSRN?

The author-level Eigenfactor® score is a weighted measure of an author’s citations. It takes into account the number of authors of the paper, the number of outgoing citations from each paper citing an author’s paper, and the importance of the citing paper. All self-citations are eliminated before the score is calculated in order to remove bias, and the final score reported in the SSRN ranking tables is calculated from SSRN citation data only.


 To understand how this importance-weighting works, consider the following iterated voting procedure:
“Each author begins with a single vote and passes it on, dividing the vote proportionally based on those authors whom she cites. In other words, if she cites two authors – author A one time and author B two times – she would distribute 1/3 of her vote to author A and 2/3 of her vote to author B. After one round of this procedure, some authors will receive more votes than others. In the second round, each author passes on her current vote total, as received in the previous round, again dividing this quantity equally among those authors whom she cites. This process is iterated indefinitely. Eventually, we reach a steady state in which each author receives an unchanging number of votes in each round. An author’s Eigenfactor score is the percentage of the total votes that she receives at this steady state.”


 To understand more about these metrics, read this article:


 How can I access my own personal score?

 Go to the “Top authors” section on SSRN and simply type your surname (here : Alemanno). As you can see, Alberto Alemanno ranks 111 within the top 30,000 authors on SSRN and his Eigenfactor Score (x100) is 0,0989 (ranks 9,062 out of 30 000).





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Also, HEC Paris has moved into the top 10 rankings in the SSRN Top 1,000 International Business School, as of June 2014.
This is an outstanding achievement relating to our research publications, and will continue to raise the profile of HEC Paris worldwide.

Keep up the good work!


Journal Quality List

Journal Quality List

The Journal Quality List is a collation of journal rankings from a variety of sources, published as a table, in order to aid academics target papers at journals of an appropriate standard.

It was created by Anne-Will Harzing, Professor in International Management and former Associate Dean Research at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

The Journal Quality List includes academic journals in areas of: Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing, and ranks each journal according to its perceived credibility to each academic institution.

Where available, the rankings for each journal  are included from the following instititutions, amongst others:

  • HEC Paris 2011

  • AERES (Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur) 2012

  • Financial Times 45 Ranking 2010

  • FNEGE (Foundation National pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises) 2013

  • ESSEC Business School Paris 2013

  • Erasmus Research Institute of Management Journals Listing 2012

  • Cranfield University School of Management 2012

  • University of Queensland 2011 (combined UQ and ERA ranking)

  • Danish Ministry ranking 2011

  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 2011

  • British Association of Business Schools (ABS) Ranking 2010

  • European Journal of Information Systems 2007 (with and without CI)

  • Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business 2005

  • British Journal of Management 2004

  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

The list presents the title of each academic journal, and its ranking according to each of its participating institutions, including its relevant scale.

For example, ‘Electronic markets’ journal obtained a ‘B’ rank, according to the HEC 2011 scale of A-C+, whereas it obtained a ‘1’ rating according to the Cranfield 2012 1-4 scale.

The full list can be viewed here in PDF format