Useful Chrome extensions to help manage references

CitationsA very interesting post found “The Impact Blog” of LSE suggests 10 useful 10 Chrome extensions to help manage references, notes, citations and capture information. Here is a summary:

Readability turns complicated web pages into simple, clean PDF type documents, and allows you to read the article free of distraction or save it later to read offline.

Evernote cleans up web pages for later viewing, captures the web page in full with its Web Clipper tool, and allows you to take screenshots, save articles and bookmark pages to your Evernote scrapbook.
The button turns the long URL into something much more digestible, as well as make it useful for anyone Tweeting the link and wanting to save on character space.

Nimbus Screenshot
This tool allows capture and crop all directly from the browser. Cropped content can be edited and annotated before being saved locally to your computer.

Lazy Scholar
Lazy Scholar gives users a snapshot of metrics relating to a piece of research, such as Scholar Cites, Web of Science score, as well as contact email and comments.

Google Scholar Button
This works with Google Scholar and turns search results into easy copy and paste references using the main styles of APA, MLA and Chicago.

An extension for Twitter that allows you to follow your timelines, compose Tweets, share, delete and favourite them. It creates short URLs within the extension and acts as a notifier for new Tweets.

PaperPile is a reference management tool for researchers and students who rely on Google Apps to carry out their research. It isn’t free but comes with a 30 day free trial.

Cite This For Me
It can create references in APA, Chicago, Harvard and MLA formats and provides a pop-up box containing the appropriately formatted reference for  books, newspapers, journals and more.

Extension Manager
It becomes increasingly important to have an extension to manage your extensions in order to improve your computing experience.

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