Have you heard of CitNetExplorer?

What is CitNetExplorer?


CitNetExplorer is ‘a software tool for visualizing and analyzing citation networks of scientific publications.’

The software allows the user to import citation networks straight from the Web of Science database, for example, which HEC subscribes to, alongside citation imports from millions of other publications and citations.

These networks can then be explored interactively. The user is able to identify related publications and cited works using the graphic, find direct and indirect citation relations and apply different algorithms to limit results, such as by publication date or to identify connected components. They can also be exported in Pajek format for further consultation.


Why use CitNetExplorer?

CitNetExplorer uses citations to identify relationships between different publications or authors. This makes it possible to:

  • Analyze or follow developments in a specific research domain over time.
  • Identify the literature available on a specific research topic.
  • Explore the range publications from a researcher.
  • Review literature in a given field

For a tutorial showing how to use this software, click here

To download the software, click here