Duration of embargoes required by the publishers


The website Sherpa/RoMEO has published several lists, including one of 584 publishers that authorise authors to upload the publisher version or the PDF version of their articles without embargo. The other lists rank publishers based on the duration of the embargo: five publishers require an embargo of less than 6 months, 28 an embargo of 6 months, 33 an embargo of 12 months and 13 an embargo of 2 years…


This information is very useful for the deposit of articles on SSRN. Please contact the library for any clarification on the copyright of your research.

See :

Publishers Allowing use of their PDFs in Repositories


Can you submit a forthcoming paper on SSRN ?

Yes, you can!

A forthcoming article, (an article with confirmed publication in the press) may be deposited on SSRN under the terms of copyright according to each specific journal or publisher as a pre or post –print version. For copyright rules specific to each review, you can visit Sherpa Romeo for reference, or view some of our previous blog posts

The screen shot example below shows a summary of the copyright policies for the Journal of Economic Theory.


This review permits the submission of pre-print (ie pre- referral ) on all websites or open access sites, post -print ( ie final draft post- referral) but does not allow the editors’ final PDF pdf version to be uploaded.

Do not hesitate to contact the library with any questions about forthcoming articles on SSRN .
When querying information collected on the Sherpa / Romeo site, we carefully study journal guidelines available on their website or, if necessary, we ask them to let us know directly.