Textmarker! will help you avoid plagiarism

Textmarker! is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which allows you to highlight text selections and to copy it into a Word document. Up to 3 highlighter colors can be configured.

First, add Textmarker! to your browser.


Then, on a selection of text of your document and make a right-click to highlight a paragraph.
Make another right click to select “Texte surligné —-> Copier tous les éléments surlignés”

Last, on a Word document, paste your text selection using the  Ctrl +V shortcut on your keyboard. The text’s source will automatically be added below the paragraph.

The hidden resources of Lexis Nexis

Learn how to access company profiles, biographies, country studies ….

Lexis- Nexis is a database of international press and legal news. But did you know you can also find company profiles, biographies, financial and sector specific data?

In effect, Lexis- Nexis holds a wealth of small treasures hidden within its sources. Here is how to find them!

Company financials

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the “ Company Profiles ” tab to access a search of businesses and select your sources, including in particular :

Hoover’s Company Profiles : profiles of over 40,000 businesses including a brief summary of the history of the company , the list of officers and members of the Board , its main competitors , products and services, information relating to its business sector and a financial balance sheet.

Worldscope : Provides access to financial data updated each week for 28,000 companies
Dafsaliens : Provides access to information on the 500 largest French groups (and their subsidiaries)



From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Biographies ” tab. You have access to 22 biographical databases including:
Who’s Who in the European Business Industry : biographical access to more than 4500 directors and European leaders
ICC Directors : contains information about 2 million executives and boards of directors of companies based in the United Kingdom.


Economic data by country

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Countries” tab. You can access information on country risk , economic news, forecast, …
• IHS Global Insight provides access to some articles from the database of economic and industrial forecasts covering 200 countries and 170 industries.
• PRS Group Country Risk Guides : These guides provide detailed descriptions of each factor which may affect the business, trade and investment of a country. Each report focuses on economic policy and the financial situation of a country and a diagnosis of financial position.


Lexis -Nexis now holds (almost) no more secrets for you !