Datamonitor Reports

How to find Datamonitor reports ?

Through the HEC Library’s databases, you can gain access to Datamonitor reports on specific companies.

Datamonitor reports (also known as Marketline reports) offer market intelligence and data analysis reports on over 6000 of the world’s leading corporations, so that strategic and operational decisions to be made informatively.

These reports contain information on companies, industries and countries with international coverage of the public and private domain. As well as:

  • SWOT analysis  (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Market research
  • Country profiles
  • News, rumors and financial transactions
  • Lists of companies by industry as well as stock index
  • Analysis and comparison of macroeconomic, socio-economic and demographic data from different countries.
  • Historical and forecast data in a format available for export.

To access these reports, connect first to ‘Business Source Complete’ or ‘MarketLine’ via the Library website

Click on “Electronic Resources” -> “Databases A-Z” -> and Find “Business Source Complete

Enter the name of the company in the ‘search’ field – Take ‘Adidas‘ for example

In the ‘publication type’ drop down menu, select ‘SWOT analysis’

Launch your search


From the results page,  select the Datamonitor report on your required company


To access the full text, click ‘PDF Full text’ to initiate the download, and view the report as below


A similar procedure is applicable via Marketline

Type the name of your company in the ‘Search’ bar (Let’s continue with the Adidas example) and select ‘Companies’ in the drop down menu to the right hand side.


Select your required company from the list of results that appears


Click ‘Download Full Report‘ to view the full report in PDF format


For more assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Library 🙂

SSRN’s hidden resources

SSRN holds a few research tools you may not currently be aware of, but which may be of interest

– SSRN Top Downloads


SSRN counts the number of times a paper has been downloaded, and ranks each paper within different categories.

These rankings include the Top Ten downloaded papers for all time and for papers distributed in a SSRN email journal in the previous 60 days for each category.

 – TOP 10 Papers for Management Research Network


A similar ranking as SSRN’s top downloads, but specific to the  “Management Research Network” which HEC Paris is a part of.

This ranking can be viewed here.

 -Search the database from a JEL code

If you want to search for new papers on a specific topic using just the JEL code (Journal of Economic Literature code), use THIS page and click on the corresponding code.


The results list displays the most recent deposits first. The search can be bookmarked, and rerun at a later date.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Library.

The “Multi-source Searcher”

Have you tried it yet? 


The “Multi-source Searcher” allows you to search for articles in all of our literature available databases, and to limit searches according to several criteria


For example :

Search for  “earnings management


Refine your search results

We can then apply the following filters, for example, using the toolbar on the left hand side.

If we apply the filters :

– Library collection
– Articles published since 2006
– Academic articles
– Additional subject : “financial statements”

Our search has been refined to show less than 100 results, from a starting point of nearly 300,000!


A Research Assistant is always available at the library to help you build and save relevant searches on this useful tool

Ask for help by phone, chat or email !

Changes to Google Scholar advanced search

Changes to Google Scholar advanced search


To access Google Scholar’s advanced search feature, you now simply slick the drop down arrow at the end of the search bar, as shown.

This then provides options to further your search parameters


From this menu, you can:

  • Search for exact words or phrases
  • Search by author
  • Search by publication date

You can also filter more precisely your search results. Results are normally filtered by relevance, not by date.


You can use the toolbar to the LEFT of the page, to refine your results; by year, by date or in a specific time frame.
You can also create email alerts for new articles added relating to your search delivered periodically directly to your inbox.

To access full article texts,

  • Click a text title
  • Click a link labelled [PDF] to the right of the search result
  • Click a library link, e.g., “FindIt@Harvard”, to the right of the search result
  • Click “All versions” under the search result and check out the alternative sources
  • Click “Related articles” or “Cited by” under the search result to explore similar articles.

For more Google Scholar search hints, try this link

New Web of Science YouTube channel

Thomson Reuters Web of Science has recently started its own YouTube channel, displaying videos and tutorials on how to make the most of its services.

Each video lasts around 5 minutes, and provides a step by step method for performing different searches, exporting records and explaining indicators, such as impact factors and immediacy indexes.

It also offers suggestions on how and where to find further information using other Thomson Reuters programmes.

The channel, maintained by the Thomson Reuters Scientific & Scholarly Research Training Team, can be found by clicking here, or by searching for ‘web of science’ via YouTube.

The hidden resources of Lexis Nexis

Learn how to access company profiles, biographies, country studies ….

Lexis- Nexis is a database of international press and legal news. But did you know you can also find company profiles, biographies, financial and sector specific data?

In effect, Lexis- Nexis holds a wealth of small treasures hidden within its sources. Here is how to find them!

Company financials

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the “ Company Profiles ” tab to access a search of businesses and select your sources, including in particular :

Hoover’s Company Profiles : profiles of over 40,000 businesses including a brief summary of the history of the company , the list of officers and members of the Board , its main competitors , products and services, information relating to its business sector and a financial balance sheet.

Worldscope : Provides access to financial data updated each week for 28,000 companies
Dafsaliens : Provides access to information on the 500 largest French groups (and their subsidiaries)



From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Biographies ” tab. You have access to 22 biographical databases including:
Who’s Who in the European Business Industry : biographical access to more than 4500 directors and European leaders
ICC Directors : contains information about 2 million executives and boards of directors of companies based in the United Kingdom.


Economic data by country

From the home page of Lexis- Nexis , click the ” Countries” tab. You can access information on country risk , economic news, forecast, …
• IHS Global Insight provides access to some articles from the database of economic and industrial forecasts covering 200 countries and 170 industries.
• PRS Group Country Risk Guides : These guides provide detailed descriptions of each factor which may affect the business, trade and investment of a country. Each report focuses on economic policy and the financial situation of a country and a diagnosis of financial position.


Lexis -Nexis now holds (almost) no more secrets for you !