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Capture d’écran 2015-05-16 à 12.07.13@researchwhisper shepherds you through the arcane world of academic research, funding, + building that track-record.

The account is supported by the The Research Whisperer blog, which is dedicated to the topic of doing research in academia. The authors Jonathan O’Donnell (@jod999) and Tseen Khoo (@tseenster) talk about finding funding, research culture, and building academic track-records.

Ever wondered how to…

Ever wondered how to…
Cite a tweet ?

Say you’re writing a paper on the use of social media. How do you cite the tweets you’ll be referencing?

The Modern Language Association has a straightforward formula that ends with “Tweet.”

Last name, First name (User Name).
“The complete tweet.” Date, Time. Tweet

Want an even easier way ?


By simply copying the Tweet URL into its field and clicking “convert”. This online tool creates an MLA format citation for use in your text editor.