Bad blood: secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup by John Carreyrou

This book is about the collapse of Theranos, an American biotech startup which was supposed to revolutionize the medical industry thanks to a machine that would make blood testing significantly faster and easier.
Theranos  was founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes and was able to raise more than 700 million dollars from venture capitalists and private investors.

A turning point happened in October 2015, when investigative reporter John Carreyrou questioned the validity of Theranos’ technology. The company faced a string of legal and commercial challenges from medical authorities, investors, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), state attorneys general, former business partners, patients, etc.
A riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of the Silicon Valley.

Written by Audrey Sarian

Book all your rooms online


From now on you can book all the rooms in the library online !
To be able to do it, go to our website, « Service » >
« Book a study room » and simply choose the space you want to book.
You will be then redirected to Affluence or to an online form that will allow you to book a room in few clicks.
You will receive the answer within 48h after your request.
Click here to make a reservation.

Written by Céline Azzoug

Vitty Feng-Tirlot: head office manager of the LRC

Vitty was born in Canton, China. When she was a child, her mother was able to run a cosmetic business in the communist China, where women wearing make-up were not perceived well. This example inspired her.
She completed her International Management master degree in France. Then she worked as a sales representative and a sales manager. That was a good training to discover sales and marketing: her experience in these fields allowed her to develop sense of service, and ability to answer other people’s needs in a win-win spirit. In addition, Vitty had the opportunity to develop a training workshop for her staff. In her different activities, she has always been a bridge between two cultures, the Chinese and the French one.  After gaining more experience as a language teacher, it was obvious for Vitty to move forward. So she decided to enter HEC as a manager of the admissions for the MS and MSC programs. Today she decided to share her experience in management, education and languages and has become a manager of the Language Resource Center.
The LRC is a part of the Learning Center, a space where students and staff members can improve their language skills. It is all together a place to study languages, a space to work, and a place to get ready for the exams.
The LRC is also dedicated to the staff members who can benefit from an official Human Resources program of training and receive the advice of Vitty and her team about their learning process.
As the head of the LRC, Vitty develops the strategy of the Center coherent to the strategy of HEC, accompanies the course of every participant, and manages her team. Her goal is to give everyone all they need to make the studying process as autonomous as possible, so everyone can have more interest and participation in what they are doing.
One of her main goals is to collaborate even more closely with the Learning Center, as one vibrant part of it.
What it demands is a deep understanding of intercultural stakes and a solid methodology of language teaching. Qualities that are required are stubbornness and tenacity to accomplish big projects, a good attitude towards the others to develop things, and to be able to observe before rushing into action.

Interview of Vitty Feng-Tirlot by Marie-Pierre Mouillard

Accessing articles with Google Scholar

How to access articles with Google Scholar when you are off-campus
Accessing articles with Google Scholar is simple when you are on-campus. Just type your research and submit. Because you are connected to the HEC Paris network, you just need to click on one of the results to access the article page and read it – if we subscribe to the journal.

Is it also possible to do that if you are off-campus? Luckily, you can. All you need to do is to connect Google Scholar to the HEC Paris Library.
To do that go to the Library Links section in the Google Scholar settings page. In the search bar, type HEC Paris and tick the box. Save your changes and there you go. You will be now able to access and read articles published in journals we subscribe to anywhere and anytime.

Written by Antoine Haldemann