Studying with your mobile device : Some useful apps you need to download !


  • Searching for information online
  • Taking notes in the classroom
  • Saving files
  • Sharing a PDF document with your co-workers
  • Scanning pictures
  • Annotating ¬†PDFs
  • Organising your search references
  • Keeping up to date with the news
  • Asking peers for a certain knowledge

These are the things that make up student life today ūüėČ

But now, you can do all this (and even more) with just your tablet or smartphone…

All you need are the right tools !

TeachThought have listed 25 of the best research apps for iPad and Android to get you started.

At HEC library, our favorites are :

  • Scanner Pro : A great app¬†¬†for quickly scanning and saving a digital version (enven in PDF !) of a paper document


  • EasyBib : If you are currently writing your thesis, EasyBib is a very useful app to¬†create accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in seconds by scanning a book bar code or by typing the name of a book. Easybib helps you build and manage your works cited. A must have ūüėČ


  • Questia Library : This app give you¬†access to over 75,000 books, 9 million articles, and 7,000 research topics !


  • iAnnotate¬†PDF¬†:¬†Read, mark up, and share your PDF, DOC, PPT and image files ! ¬†iAnnotate PDF ¬†is ‚Äúan indispensable tool to have,‚ÄĚ


How to use Microsoft Office on iPad or Android tablet ?


Working on an Excel spreadsheet or a Power Point presentation from your touch-sceen tablet can be tricky sometimes.

But hope is not dead ! This article published on ItBusiness.Ca  shows you nothing less than 4 different solutions to use your Microsoft Office document on your tablet

SkyDrive, CloudOn, Onlive Desktop or Google Drive, which one fits you the most ?

Share your experience with us !

4 ways to use Microsoft Office on iPad and Android right now


The ‚ÄúiThoughts‚ÄĚ app for iPad

Business Research Plus¬†is the “research expertise from the MBS Library Service of The University of Manchester Library” blog.

All the posts are very interesting and this one particularly:¬†The ‚ÄúiThoughts‚ÄĚ app for¬†iPad

“In the emerging world of mind mapping on the iPad, iThoughtsHD has taken an early lead with an incredible set of features that no other developer even comes one close to. More importantly, it contains the features and functionality that makes it eminently useful to academic users. And on the iPad‚Äôs large screen, it‚Äôs an absolute pleasure to use.”


Get Ithoughts here

Main useful apps to discover, curate and share your contents

Discovering content is the easy part. Managing it all is the challenge.

This gallery made by Shirley Williams lists 55  tools that will help you discover, manage, and share all your digital content.

At the library, we especially like RSS feed readers apps like Pulse, ScoopIt, ClipBoard or Feedly.

What about you ? tell us which apps you use to manage your contents !