Media training to avoid being misquoted

Media TrainingThis is a very useful article published on the LSE Impact Blog about the importance of media training for academic.

Kevin Anselmo, founder of experimental communications and creator of the media training for academics program gives useful advice on preparation and training to avoid misrepresentation.


A misquote is when a journalist makes up words that you didn’t say. It is deliberately taking your intent out of context with some sort of agenda. However, you are not a misquote victim if a journalist takes part of what you say and uses it in a story. If you say something ludicrous during the course of an interview and the journalist quotes you saying that, that’s also not a misquote. Instead, it is poor interviewing.

The author gives 5 useful tips:

1. Rambling + jargon + abstraction = the higher likelihood of being misquoted

2. Slow down

3. Summarize

4. Offer to review the quotes

5. Have a good connection

Read more here: Media Training for Academics: How to avoid being misquoted by journalists. / LSE “The Impact Blog”, February 26, 2015.


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